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LA Rollerskating Lessons is under the direction of Coach Joseph “J.C.” Kennedy, who is a certified quad artistic skate professional with over 35 years of experience in roller sports. Through his leadership, we are a team of skaters of various skating backgrounds in figure, artistic, dance, jam, and recreational skating for both quad and inline skating. Our passion for being on wheels and our desire to practice safety to skate another day are the guiding principles for our instruction. We believe that all genres of skating require a strong foundation of fundamental skills and techniques to keep skaters safe, and put them on a path to build their abilities and become the skater they want to be. Whether you want to skate the boardwalk at sunset, jam skate to your favorite beats, or learn elements of artistic discipline, we are here to help your skate journey!

Certifications and Affiliations

USA ROLLER SPORTS Certified Quad Artistic Professional
Safe Sport Training Verification to teach kids & adults - Compliance with the United States Olympic committee‘s requirements.
RSA/SRSTA (Society of Roller Skating Teachers of America)
2014 USA Nationalist Silver Medalist Team Free Dance, Junior Team Dance Finalist Great Lakes Regional Champion, 2007 USA National Qualified in Creative Solo & Classic Solo Divisions

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Skating is a fun way to express yourself, release stress, and exercise!
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